Silicone Fetus' - Various Gestations (9 - 21 Weeks)

  • $18.00

Range of silicone fetus at different stages of pregnancy - weeks are approximate & only to be used as a guide

9 Weeks - (H) 22mm x (W) 15mm x (D) 10mm

10 Weeks - (H) 30mm x (W) 18mm x (D) 13mm

12 Weeks - (H) 50mm x (W) 20mm x (D) 25mm

14 Weeks - (H) 90mm x (W) 26mm x (D) 26mm

17 Weeks - (H) 128mm x (W) 65mm x (D) 48mm

19 Weeks - (H) 165mm x (W) 65mm x (D) 55mm

21 Weeks - (H) 260mm x (W) 75mm x (D) 66mm


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