Prop One Million US Dollars

  • $65.00

Prop One Million US Dollars

100 x $10k lots. Printed "Not For Legal Sale -Fake Money" - requires real notes on top

Internal notes are blank pages - only top & bottom notes are printed & then wrapped in money bands labelled $10,000. Please note the bundles are stuck together in lots of $30,000

Total Size as grouped

(W) 275mm

(H) 150mm

(D) 315mm

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**The Prop Collective supplies these item/s solely for use as props or dressing on-camera or on-stage, as substitutes for authentic items

Designs are specifically created to only resemble actual currency, it is not a replica & include NOT FOR LEGAL TENDER / PROPS for security purposes - it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure all notes are returned

****IMPORTANT - Please Note - customers will be required to sign an agreement to confirm correct & proper use as noted above prior to receiving this sensitive item. A copy of the agreement can be found here*

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