Dirty Down - Ageing Spray Dye (Various Colours)

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Dirty Down - Ageing Spray Dye (Various Colours)

Available in Black, Soot Black, Dark Brown, Mid Brown, Ash Blonde, Nicotine Yellow, Khaki, Mould & Rust

One quick spray deposits a fine layer of semi-transparent coloured dye that makes clean surfaces appear to be dirty and old, or to have “aged”.

Water soluble, semi-transparent dye for ageing costumes and props. Fine mist spray. For fabric, furniture, paper, plastics, metal etc.

Black ageing spray is a gentle black/blue colour. Soot Black is the darkest ageing spray colour, almost opaque and is the least translucent spray out of all the ageing spray colours. Dark Brown ageing spray is a dirty dark brown colour. Mid Brown ageing spray is a dirty brown/green colour. Ash Blonde ageing spray is a dirty red/brown colour. Nicotine Yellow ageing spray is the colour of cigarette stain, a dirty yellow. Khaki ageing spray is a dirty khaki green/brown colour. Mould ageing spray is a gentle green/blue colour. Rust ageing spray is a rich rusty red colour.

How to use Dirty Down Ageing Spray

Ageing spray may cause permanent staining. Test before use on off-cuts or hidden surfaces, and then wash to check for any staining.
- Ensure surfaces are dry and grease free.
- Mask areas not to be sprayed.
- Shake can before use.
- Use sparingly, apply several fine coats rather than one heavy coat. The shade will darken with each coat applied.
- Hold can upright 30cm (12 inches) away from the surface, and spray across the surface in one smooth sweep, keeping the nozzle fully depressed. Spots of concentrated dye may appear if the button is only partially depressed.
- For small patches, spray through holes cut in a piece of paper.
- For dark patches, spray closer to the surface.
- Heavy spraying may drip or puddle.
- Smear the spray by re-wetting with water, and then dabbing or rubbing with a damp or wet cloth. With some fabrics it’s easier to smear by wetting the sprayed fabric and then rubbing the wet area together between your hands. Smearing is easier when the spray is still wet, but is also possible after the spray has fully dried. It may not be possible to smear spray applied to absorbent surfaces.
- May not adhere to some polished surfaces.
- Our ageing sprays are water soluble and the effects of spraying will be lost by washing in water, but there may still be staining.
- Do not use outside in wet weather.


Wash fabrics in cold water with clothes detergent and use stain remover if necessary & follow manufacturer’s instructions.
Wash non-absorbent surfaces such as plastic, with mild detergent and water. Methylated spirits can be effective in removing ageing spray but may cause damage; follow manufacturer’s instructions.

For more details & examples of this product visit the Dirty Down website here

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